My mom has always told me to sleep on a silk pillowcase since I was a teenager to prevent wrinkles and avoid hair breakage. And even though I heat style my color treated hair every day, I never have split ends and don't wake up with "bed head." When I sleep on BeautyZZZ my hair looks just like it did when I went to bed. My mom was right! And since she looks 20 years younger than she is, I always listen to her beauty secrets now!

-- Vanessa Kuykendall
Merchant, Beauty.com

After using the Beautyzzz pillow case for about 3 weeks, I noticed a dramatic difference in my hair: it seemed stronger! Others noticed, too, and they commented on how shiny my hair was! I originally began sleeping on this pillowcase as a preventative measure at the recommendation of a friend, but I never expected it to make such a difference in my appearance! I highly recommend this product to anyone with brittle or dry hair; it really helped me improve my hair's appearance.

-- Susan Tomback - Mind, Body Spa Director
Exhale, New York

citymommy.jpgThe verdict? I didn’t seem to have the usual morning creases in my skin and also my hair looked smoother and less frizzy upon waking. Good news!

-- City Mommy

cosmopolitan.jpgEnter BeautyZZZ Silk pH Balance Pillowcase, a incredibly soft hypo allergenic silk pillowcase that supposedly prevents dark under-eye circles, boosts the body’s immune system, and helps keep skin and hair hydrated.


bela-sugar.jpgFrom a hair standpoint, I am indeed pleased by its taming effect. For instance, earlier today when I stumbled out of bed to take the trash out in my pajamas, I didn’t feel embarrassed by my usually wild, dry-looking morning hairstyle.

-- bellasugar

thetipjar.jpgFor those nights when I don’t get my full requirement I normally rely on moisturizers or other nightly skin care products to do the trick. It’s just a little tough having the motivation for the extra routine when I’m that exhausted. So it’s a good thing I have my BeautyZZZ natural silk pillowcase to take over

-- The Tip Jar

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